Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy.

Last updated 26/10/2013

1. Our Privacy Policy

In this policy:

  "we", "us" or "BenEBoy IT" means BenEBoy IT Limited, the company that runs this website.

  "you" means you, the person using our services, or visiting this website.

  "Deal Shrimp" means this website.

2. Personal Data Collection and Use

When you visit Deal Shrimp, we collect and store:

  The IP address of the computer or device on which you are visiting Deal Shrimp.

  Your computer or device's web browser and operating system version.

  The date at time of your visit.

  The URLs of pages you visit.

  If applicable, the web page or search engine that linked you to Deal Shrimp.

This data is aggregated and used for traffic analysis to better customise Deal Shrimp for all its users. None of this data is used to personally identify you.

Additionally, if you choose to sign up to Deal Shrimp, we also store your email address. This is used to identify you to customise the behaviour of Deal Shrimp.

The emails we send to this address will only relate to user administration tasks, for example, confirming your email address or resetting your password. We will not send email marketing or "spam" you.

3. Personal Data Sharing

Your computer's IP address, your computer or device's web browser and operating system version, the date and time of your visit, the URLs of pages you visit and the web pages that linked you to Deal Shrimp are also collected by our analytics partner, Google Analytics, for aggregated traffic analysis. It is not used to personally identify you.

Your email address will only be used for identifying you on Deal Shrimp, it is not shared with any of the deal sites listed on Deal Shrimp, or any other third party.

4. Deletion of Personal Data

At any time, you may contact us, through the contact form on this web site, and request that your personal data be removed from our records.

5. Changing this policy

We may change this policy at any time by changing or removing existing terms, or adding new ones.

Changes may be in the form of a completely new policy.

The changes to the policy will be posted on Deal Shrimp, and all changes apply from the date they are posted.