Questions? Answered

What is Deal Shrimp?
Deal Shrimp is the quickest way to track all your favourite Daily Deal sites. Instead of having to visit each one individually, you can see all the current Deals on one page. Once you locate a Deal you want, you can go directly the Deal Site and order it.
Wow, that’s great… what’s the catch?
There's no catch! Well, except for the great deals that you're sure to “catch”.
Very funny. But seriously?
There's no charge for using Deal Shrimp, it won't cost you any extra for the Deals you purchase, and everything works just as you're used to. Except it's a lot easier to find the Deals you want.
Deal Shrimp lied to me! I went to grab a Deal and it’s not there any more.
Deal Shrimp works very hard, but also need a lot of rest between these busy bouts of activity. Because of this, Deal Shrimp updates his Deals and then rests for 20 minutes. If a Deal sells out before Deal Shrimp next checks, it will not be shown on the Deal Shrimp web page until he wakes up and checks again.

Don’t be mad at Deal Shrimp, he’s doing his best and needs rest as much as you and I.
Deal Shrimp is showing me an awesome deal, but the price is completely wrong when I try to buy it!
Sometimes Deal Shrimp makes a mistake in reading prices from daily deal websites. If the price on Deal Shrimp differs from the one shown on the deal site, then the price on the deal site should be taken as the correct one.

No, you won't get a deal for cheap just because Deal Shrimp is showing the wrong price.
I bought something and it never arrived/it was damaged/it’s not what I wanted.
Deal Shrimp only lists the deals available on deal sites, it does not sell them. If you have a problem with the item you ordered, you will need to contact the site you bought it from for support.
Do you offer an email service? How do I subscribe to it?
We have plans to offer a daily email digest service in the future, but for now we do not offer subscription based services.
Why a shrimp?
What other type of animal is better at ferreting out Deals? I can’t think of any better at musseling in on Deals, so that you can snapper them up.
I have a Deal Site. How do I get it on Deal Shrimp?
Use our contact form to get the word to us.
What software powers Deal Shrimp?