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Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Green Means Go!


Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep 😴

Who doesn't love sleep? It's so important and enjoyable, but as a parent you know how hard it is to get a good night sleep. From the first few magic months with multiple wakeups per nights, until the little one is finally sleeping through the night (almost!). If only they knew not to run around the house at 5AM!

That's where Mirari OK to Wake! comes in.

Green Mean Goes 🚦

A green light goes on when it's time to get up. Children learn to stay in bed, or play quietly in their room, until the light goes green. The whole family will get a better sleep.

Yellow Means Slow 🌙

Mirari OK to Wake! also includes a nightlight to soothe children to sleep or provide comfort if they wake up in the night.

Children Learn and Feel Good 🎓

Kids will feel a sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a job well done. Staying in bed until it's green-time is something a child can complete successfully every day.

Grows With Your Child ⏰

Younger children can quickly learn "Green Means Go". But Mirari Ok to Wake! can also be used as an alarm clock for older children, when they're starting to sleep longer than they should (looking at you, teenagers [ok maybe not]).

Fun and Easy To Use (with Animations 👾)

Toe buttons are easy for children to reach, and fun to press, to control lights or animations on the screen. They'll also love the funky and cute design. For adults, the controls are hidden so children can't mess around and choose their own wake up time.

Powered by USB wall charger with 4 AA batteries for backup. A USB cable is included but batteries and wall charger are not (although you've probably got a draw full of them somewhere you can use!).

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