Aeropress – The Coffee Game Changer

Coffee Without Bitterness


A coffee drinker without an aeropress is like a shrimp without a BBQ.

(Shout out to Aussie Shrimp Fans!)

Since getting an Aeropress at the Shrimp HQ we've rediscovered the fun of making coffee, even on these cold winter mornings… brrrrr.

When you need something that tastes great and warms you up quickly, Aeropress is there.

Fast and Fun 💨

It makes one to three cups per pressing, in about one minute. Compared to a suggested two to four minute brew for a french press (this is for a Café Americano style).

Unlike a french press though, you can also brew espresso for lattes and other fancy coffee concoctions, in about 30 seconds per press.

Plus there's just something FUN about brewing, stirring and plunging with the Aeropress. It definitely helps the morning get started even before the first taste of that magical caffeine.

Tastes Great ☕️

The rapid brewing time with total immersion and pressure extraction means you get delicious full-flavoured coffee without the bitterness caused by a longer brewing process. And do you notice that no matter how carefully you plunge and pour with your french press, there's always grit at the bottom of your coffee cup? The Aeropress microfilter doesn't let grit through, for smooth coffee right to the last sip.

Costs Less 💸

Coffee pods are quick and convenient, but that speed comes at a cost… literally! Home espresso makers can give you high end results, but that initial investment can be huge (and so can they be with the amount of bench space they take up).

The Aeropress kit includes 350 coffee filters so each cup can be made for about a tenth the price. Plus an optional reusable stainless steel filter is available, meaning each cup can be brewed at just the cost of coffee.

Better for the Planet 🌏

Compared to coffee pods the waste is much less, at just one paper filter per brew. Or, get an optional reusable metal filter and have no waste at all – except for the coffee grounds which are great for the garden.

Portable and Convenient ⛺️

The Aeropress is small, you can keep it on the kitchen bench, or sneak one to work and keep it in your desk drawer. It's always ready for great coffee at a fraction of the time and cost at a café.

Of course you're not limited to indoor use, anywhere you can get boiling water, you can use your Aeropress: camping, tramping, boating, or on the building site, the possibilities are endless. Try lugging your espresso into the great outdoors!

Clean up is quick too, the BPA-free plastic rinses clean in seconds.

Rediscover the joy of coffee with Aeropress

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